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There exist various forms of tax relief consisting of tax deductions, tax credits, and tax forgiveness. Essentially, tax relief includes an array of IRS programs that aims to reduce an individual's tax liability.


What is Tax Relief?

Navigating the complex world of taxation alone often leads to confusion. This response is entirely understandable. And that's why professional tax solution services such as enrolled agents, certified public accountants, and tax relief programs are here. These experts comprehend and adeptly manage the regulations specific to your jurisdiction, sparing you from the taxing stress.

According to data unveiled by the US Government Accountability Office, 21% of Americans find themselves in debt to the IRS. This comes from the taxes that went unpaid during their respective due years, either partially or entirely. While tax relief doesn't possess the mystical ability to erase your tax obligations, the array of services and programs available can alleviate the burden by facilitating settlements for reduced amounts.

What is Tax Relief?

Most Americans would agree that dealing with the IRS can be quite intimidating and is probably something they'd prefer to avoid.

The complex rules for filing taxes, coupled with yearly changes and confusing tax language, often make the whole process overwhelming for many. That's where professional tax resolution services can come to the rescue, simplifying the process and making it easier to understand for the average person.

Here are the benefits of hiring a tax expert for tax relief:

  • Preventing Liens and Levies: A tax expert can analyze the details of your IRS collection case to prevent tax liens and levies.

  • Avoiding Seizures and Garnishments: The IRS utilizes asset seizure and wage garnishment to recover owed taxes. Knowing your alternatives can help you sidestep these situations. A tax relief service in USA can assist in finding different ways to settle your tax debt.

  • Simplified Explanation: Tax professionals are well-versed in tax laws and can break down the process in a way that's easy to grasp.

  • Effective Negotiation: In the capacity of a tax relief company, we can serve as your representative to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.

  • Future Tax Troubles: Beyond resolving current tax concerns, experts can guide you in averting potential tax issues down the line.

IRS Repayment Plan

An IRS Repayment Plan stands as a common avenue for seeking tax relief. This option lets you divide the total owed amount into more manageable payments, sidestepping garnishments and levies. However, it's important to note that penalties and interest on late payments will continue accruing until the balance is fully settled.

This repayment plan comes in two variations: short-term and long-term. The short-term option covers 120 days, while long-term plans extend beyond this period. Short-term plans are exclusively available to individuals and come with the advantage of no user or setup fees. These short-term plans accommodate a maximum of $100,000, including taxes, interest, and penalties owed.

On the other hand, long-term plans entail associated fees and have a ceiling of $50,000, which includes the combined sum of taxes, interest, and penalties.

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